About Us

Visionary Land Development for Tomorrow’s Communities

‘We are innovative. We are not scared of a challenge. In this land space you’ve got to be prepared to think outside of the square’.

At Myland Partners our core purpose is simple – we transform large blocks of land and create sections for builders. We implement solutions to fast-track infrastructure and engage experts to masterplan communities and residences which provide home buyers with the lifestyle, security and capital gains they demand.

Builders who purchase sections benefit from a plug and play solution with all resource consented house plans provided for them, resulting in quality spec homes that are built faster. The process is client-focused, the outcome is sections that are easy to buy, homes easy to build, properties easy to sell.

Established in 2013, Myland has drawn on its foundation of expertise, asserted its pro-active approach to its business ethos and front-footed significant projects in the region.

1000 sections delivered, 1000 in the pipeline – Myland is committed to being a part of the answer to Auckland’s housing shortage by undertaking large scale residential projects. Our results speak for themselves.

We are assured in our competence to execute solutions for complex land that doesn’t have immediate infrastructure. Where services might have been 10-15 years away - we create solutions to develop the site forward by many years. This means more Kiwis are getting into their own home – faster.

What sets us apart? The people we work with trust us to achieve extremely complex projects quickly and efficiently. Builders work with us because we commit and we deliver.

Our tight team is passionate about residential land development. Our size allows us to understand all touchpoints of the business meaning we can provide highly personal attention from start to end.

Our success and our confidence in our future extends from our ability to flex our imagination and look beyond what others may view as boundaries. To front foot and adopt solutions, to be responsive to the market and the people we work with and strive to maintain our credibility in the sector.

We are proud to know we’ve already helped thousands of Kiwis into their own homes. We are motivated and searching for new projects – now.

Our Awards

Our dedication to top quality property development has been recognised with several prestigious awards, including the NZIA 2003 Wellington Urban Design Award and more…

NZIA Local Award for Architecture

The architects and developer have succeeded in producing a range of quality dwellings and livable spaces, stunning views and ingenious arrangements to maximise sunlight.

NZIA Local Award for Architecture

Well proportioned, comfortable yet invigorating, these buildings alternate around a crafted yin/yang of courtyards offering shelter, privacyand sun in a very exposed environment.

Government YBE Award

The ‘Year of the Built Environment Awards’ recognizes projects that exemplify the quality and relationship of built form with their environment, design innovation that enhances peopled environments, and sustainable design principles and resource use.

Our team



Myland Partners is incorporated with a vision to develop land for residential communities


Rezoning from rural land to residential achieved in Hobsonville - Auckland paving the way for residential development


Myland is the first developer to break ground in the Redhill’s Westage precinct


A solution is agreed with all stakeholders for wastewater and potable water paving the way for a major development in Massey


Myland breaks ground on its first South Auckland project in Pukekohe