External Advisor : Accounting

Nigel Smith & Associates

Chartered Accountants of Auckland

Mr Nigel Smith
Description : Chartered Accountants and tax advisors


Chartered Accountants of Auckland have been engaged to provide specialist tax and compliance advice.

External Advisor : Legal

Mr Jack Hodder QC

Barrister engaged for specialist advice on special projects.

Mr Mike Leonard

Specialist taxation and compliance Barrister of Wellington

Anthony Harper & Co

Barristers & Solicitors of Auckland specialised in commercial and litigation law.

Glaister Ennor

Engaged to assist in property conveyance, legal advice, property transactions.

Meredith Connell

Led by partner John Stephen Meredith Connell are Barristers & Solicitors of Auckland have been retained as solicitors to provide advice on corporate affairs, compliance and structural matters.